Darker was a scarred, hulking, powerfully built searat with evil green eyes and dark, gray knotted fur. He was once a successful and very murderous pirate, but ended up being plagued by the memories of the atroctities he commited and retired.

He built a little shack near the Southern Sea, making a living chopping wood and hauling it on foot to Poruuga, a neighboring sea port often frequented by Wavevermin. In an attempt to forget, Darker began to drink often and heavily.

After mating with a rat wench, she gave birth to a son, a spitting image of himself, and left, never to be seen by Darker again. Darker immediately blamed the offspring for his mother's departure and proceeded to bully and beat the younger rat up until he rebelled and slew his father.

The son split Darker's skull with a woodcutter's axe, before stealing his father's belongings and running away to sea.